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New Technology

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New Technology

New technologies, and technical implementation in different areas of industry.

Developing new technologies is one of most exciting mission for us. We accept requests with pleasure for equipments for producing, and test equipments, and for every solution of technological problems that can occur in industry. It’s a challenge for us to develop electronic industry test machines, and produce support equipments. It may be a feeder equipment, leakage-tester, End of line testers for automotive entertain sistems, or car cluster tester, we certainly deliver the solution for you.

We develop I/O modules, and displays for different industrial communication systems, and gateways, interfaces for this systems.

For example: Serial (RS-485, RS-232, RS-422), Profibus, DeviceNet, CAN, EtherNet, MOST, LVDS, LIN, FlexRay,

Developing, modifying, and completing of produce support equipments.

For example: feeders, belt winding machines, and counters for SMD and normal electronic parts.

Part, and equipment grippers, fatener and handler units.


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