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Quality management

Our Quality Policy

  •  The Mattor Automation Ltd. aims to products and services to customers and fully meet the needs of users.
  •  In our company we want to operate in such a way that the customer needs we can satisfy high standards and work efficiently achieve through quality service.
  •  Our goal is to provide quality products and services to our customers at an affordable price.
  • We are aware that we can only meet the higher demands of a constantly evolving company is able to meet such high adaptability can help to maintain and expand the range of partners.
  •  Continuously we strengthen our commitment to quality.
  •  Our strategy bearer of the firm’s ongoing market presence as a result of internal development and increasing year by year the business importance of improving the visibility of the name, image.
  • In order to achieve the quality targets Mattor Automation Ltd. Is continuously improving its quality management system, customer and general international requirements into account.
  • The management is committed to the efficient operation of the quality management system.
  • The staff continuing professional education, development of corporate culture, corporate use of technical progress in the short term include quality policy cornerstones.

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